Our story started like this ...

The journeys we love so much have allowed us so much joy, discoveries.

Blinded by the art of living, craftsmanship and passion, all this naturally guided us to the Idea. The idea of ​​discovering what we value and what we are passionate about.

With this different look we decided to appropriate and create this alchemy.


KITA DUA, which means in Indonesian language « both of us" represents very well our experiences, our reason for being and our identity.

Our trip started in Asia more precisely in Thailand then Malaysia to finish in Indonesia, it was for us a source of inspiration as a trigger just an obvious ...

The meeting with Bali, its discovery, its trend, its inspiration, the transmission of its know-how will be anchored in us forever. See and hear to better know and understand, so everything made sense.

In our new daily, orchestrated by envy and passion for creativity and sharing, we started the KITA DUA adventure.


For those who have followed us since the beginning, you have been able to follow the launch of the Eshop offering only the handmade accessory in Bali. Mainly these famous rattan bags, result of the authentic know-how of the island of the Gods.

We want to keep and continue with what we loved so much, and today we offer the launch of our ready-to-wear range, which will again be the result of trips and discoveries.

So we will embark with you on the adventure and hope you will have a good trip.

KITA DUA it's both of us, it's us and them, it's us and you but also and especially it's us together.

Mona & Caryl