Summer 2018: Nobody escapes the trend of natural fiber bags!
You know it's been a long time since we offer bags (almost one year), baskets or bags made of natural fibers. Whether it is rattan, bamboo or raffia everyone (or almost) has its fashionably trendy accessory ! 
At KITA DUA the plus is that everything is handmade in Bali. We strive to offer you new models regularly or to offer you your favorite bags with different colors.

You must surely have your favorite in our collection ... but here is a selection of our BEST SELLERS if you want to be sure to do a faultless this summer !

We must tell you: we have a preference for all natural colors that will go perfectly with all your summer outfits. For a more trendy and chic look our bags will also find their places.

Round or more linear is the most trendy bags that you will find on our eshop and at low prices! So no more excuses for being the most stylish this summer.

We wish you a summer full of joy and love wherever you are girls!