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Treasures of Bali


A handcrafted handbags proudly made in Bali.

Bring the handmade artisan crafted from the island of Gods to your hands. A contemporary stylish bags handmade with love in Bali.

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Capricious Round Passion

Spark your outfit with this Bali chic traditionally handbag crafted in natural rattan fibers with artisan details. Find Aditi collection in many different shades. 



A timeless collection. 

Ammavarua collection, named after the most ancient Hindu Goddess. A handbag collection that is so wearable at all times, bringing up any outfit. Handmade handbag in natural rattan made with love in Bali. 


Skin Touch Feel.

Agneya collection is our newest addition for this season made with the finest leather and crafted rattan. Handmade handbag round shaped to add a chic touch for your special season. 

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